East Kilburn - Campus

›Former University Campus
›Site located in heavily built up and established area of Kilburn London, close proximity to neighbouring houses, university and commercial units.


›Specific Challenges
  • ›Demolition of 6 storey building into the footprint of the building
  • ›Close proximity to other buildings
  • ›Design & install temporary & permanent supports to retained structures, working in conjunction with structural engineers
  • ›Extensive demolition, refurbishment and structural alterations to retained building (locally listed).
  • ›Access via narrow road with residents parking both sides.
  • ›Elevated public foot paths and road way to front elevation close to the basement structure to be removed. 
›Noise and dust receptors likely to be impacted by the works:
  • ›University Campus, Residential & Commercial Units.
  • ›Local Roads & Parked cars in close proximity to site. 
›Other Sensitive issues to manage
  • ›Asbestos Removal
  • ›Local Residents and business owners.
  • ›Access and Parking
  • ›Temporary and permanent support.