Police HQ - Hertford

›5 acre site – heavily developed industrial site including grain storage facilities.


›Site located on an ecologically sensitive island surrounded by a river and a canal, both sensitive water sources.  Domestic housing, commercial property and retail in close proximity to the site. Narrow approach road to the site. Tree protection, felling and maintenance.


›Specific challenges :
  • ›Demolition of structures in excess of 30m High located on a river bank forming the site boundary.
  • ›Demolition of mill Building located directly over a water source.
  • ›Decommissioning and removal of underground fuel tanks and interceptors.
  • ›Remediation of existing contamination.
›Noise and dust receptors likely to be impacted by the works.
›Site encompassed by residential, retail & commercial units.
›Buildings forming the site boundary requiring party wall agreements,  encompassed by residential and commercial property. Major roadway
›Other Sensitive issues to manage .
  • ›Asbestos Removal
  • ›Extensive environmental clean
  • ›Pollution of water course.
  • ›Pollution of ground conditions.
  • ›Badger set onsite.
  • ›Access required across site for waterways staff and existing residents.
  • ›Major live services and retained sub stations to the site; supplying a large number of properties located offsite.
  • ›Reduce level dig & installation of extensive piling matts.