CDM Management

CDM Management

SJB act as Principal contractor for many of our clients, we understand the importance of this role and the trust our client place with us.

We understand that the role is more than liaison with the CDM co-ordinator, we take the time to fully understand the project specific issues and take time to discuss them with the appropriate persons, so when the project commences it runs as smoothly.

The law says that all demolition, dismantling and structural alteration should be carefully planned and carried out by competent practitioners to take account of risks associated with key issues such as :

• Falls from height

• Injury from falling materials

• Uncontrolled collapse

• Risks from connected services

• Traffic management

• Hazardous materials

• Noise and vibration

• Fire

• Worker involvement

We take a systematic approach to demolition projects, insofar as a team effort between many people, all of whom have responsibilities.

• SJB actively Liaise with our clients appointed duty holders, such as designers, contractors, CDM Co-ordinators to ensure a full understanding of the contract.

• We provide important checks to ensure reports and information needed are in place – for example, to check for presence of asbestos; structural stability of site and nearby structures; the location of above and below ground live services in the work area and where these are not provided we will assist with compliance prior to the demolition work commencing.

• We provide comprehensive upfront method and risk assessments, co-operation and support to the clients appointed CDM Co-ordinators, backed by extensive documentary evidence to ensure effective planning and site management that keeps site workers and the public as far as possible from the risks. .

• During the contract SJB co-ordinate and manage all health and safety issues and once again provide full documentary evidence to support effective planning and site management.

• Site managers constantly assess the works and changing environment, ensuring effective mitigation of risks for the evolving works and other conditions.

• Site managers supervise competent workers and subcontractors, ensuring they are able to understand and following best working practices, precaution  & procedure necessary to ensure all those whom may be affected remain safe.

• SJB management team take ownership and go the extra mile to ensure our clients projects are a success.