Quality Management Policy Statement

SJB Plant Hire Ltd undertakes activities associated with role of Principal Contractor within the Construction / Demolition Industry. The Company is committed to delivering this quality service in a controlled manner by:

  • Meeting customer and applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of an Integrated Management System which incorporates the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • Setting and reviewing objectives and targets to drive continual improvement.
  • Providing materials, resources and additional personnel as appropriate to implement the requirements of this policy statement.
  • Developing the competence of employees through effective education and training.
  • Ensuring that others who work for the organisation, such as contractors, adhere with the company’s quality practices and procedures.
  • Monitoring the performance of its products and services including client feedback and customer complaints.
  • Maintaining consistent lines of communication both internally and externally to assist in the ongoing fulfilment of client requirements.
  • Communicating the content of this policy of this policy statement to all employees and contractors and making it freely available to clients and other interested parties.


All persons fulfilling a management position within the company including Directors, are required to maintain high standards of Quality Control throughout their areas of responsibility

All employees and contractors engaged by the company are required to adhere with the requirements of the company’s Quality Management System.

All systems of quality management shall be reviewed at least on an annual basis including this policy statement.