Perception of Demolition

Perception of Demolition

 Perception of Demolition


Definition of Demolition:

The act or process of wrecking or destroying, especially destruction by explosives.

Synonym knocking down, levelling, destruction, explosives,  wrecking, tearing down, bulldozing.


Despite the definition & perception of some, demolition is  rarely as defined above.

Demolition is a deliberately planned process, unique to each contract, allowing deconstruction of a structure in the safest method.

This requires assessment on its own individual merits including, Identification, Understanding, assessment, mitigation & effective management of Risks;

  • Type, size & condition of structure(s),
  • Advice from structural engineers.
  • Location, surrounding’s & environmental issues.
  • Hazards & hazardous substances present or likely to be present.
  • Detailed understanding & planning.
  • Enabling works requirements.
  • Retention of structures & infrastructure.
  • Assessment of risks
  • Mitigation of risk as a consequence of the works.