Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health & Safety


SJB committed to Health, Safety and Environmental Issues;

  • We recognise & fully understand our responsibilities to our employees, the environment & those affected by our activities, we strive to mitigate risks through  comprehensive planning, effective  site specific risk assessment, onsite monitoring & task specific training.

Licensed Asbestos Removal :

  • We have highly experienced In house staff capable of managing the most complex licensed asbestos removal projects. All employees are trained in asbestos awareness part A& B, all of whom have face fit certificates for relevant RPE, which enables us to remove non licensed Asbestos.

We are committed to providing a healthy & safe working environment.

  • Free from accidents, dangerous occurrences & ill health, we constantly monitor & review our processes & working practices, ensuring best practice is always observed.

We employ health & safety advisors to support our in house management team

  • We provide a totally independent health & safety resource, carrying out announced site audits, providing formal reports to the management team, ensuring best practice is monitored & reinforced independently. We prefer to use external H&S advisors, we find it removes the potential for conflict of interest thus ensuring truly independently & impartial advise.

H&S procedures and documentation is constantly reviewed,

  • Ensuring policies, procedures & practices are robust enough to mitigate potential risk.

Safety Schemes In Purchasing: (SSIP)

  • We are committed to the government recognised SSIP scheme via yearly assessment & accreditation.

We promote safety awareness through effective communication and clear documentation.

We act as Principal contractor for many of our clients, ensuring effective Liaison with the CDM co-ordinator & Construction Phase Health & Safety Planning.